How Kundali Matching Works

When it comes to making important decisions in life, Hindus have always relied on the Vedic Astrology for thousands of years. One of those decisions is the selection of the partner they will live with for life. They believe that using this astrology, the future events can be predicted, thus they are given the opportunity to make a wise and informed decision today.

Before the marriage, the compatibility of the groom and bride is tested through their Janam Kundali. Known as Gun Milan – the process has eight individual tests. In each test, there is a certain number of points to be generated, which will then be added together.


Scores below 18 is an indication that the couple is not compatible. Scores between 18-24 it means that they are an average match but already acceptable. If the score is between 25 to30, it is an indication that they are an excellent match. Any score higher than 32 means that the couple possesses an identical nature.

Begin identical does not always mean a good thing. With that, there are also other factors that should be considered even when the couple scores 32 and above to ensure that their relationship will last long.

The Gun Milan Test

  1. Varna

This reflects the basic personality, skills and abilities of the person. The maximum score here is one. To get a score, the groom’s Varna must be higher than the bride. This Varna classes from highest to lowest

  • Brahmins/Priests

  • Kshatriyas/Warriors

  • Vaishyas/Merchants

  • Shudras/Laborers

  1. Vasya

This test determines whether the relationship between the couple will be as compatible and dedicated one.

Here, the zodiacs are grouped into five: Manava/Human, Vanachara/Wild, Chatushpada/Quadruped, Jalachara/Water and Keeta/Insect. This test has 4 rules which determine which among the groups are Vasya to another group and which are the food of another group.

If the couple belongs in the same group, they will get 2 points, 1 point if one of them is Vasya to another and ½ point if one of them is food to another. If neither of them is Vasya to another, no point is given.

  1. Tara

Through comparing the birth stars of the couple, this test calculates the well-being and health of the couple after their marriage. The maximum score here is 3.

  1. Yoni

This is used to determine whether the couple is compatible physically and sexually. It is represented by animals and gives points up to 4.

  1. Graha Maitri

Through comparing the moon’s sign lords in the chart of the couple, the strength of the couple’s love for each other is being tested in here. 5 points are the highest score in this test.

  1. Gana

This test identifies the temperament of the individual. the highest score is 6.

  1. Bhakoot

This is used to determine the overall welfare, prosperity and health of a family after the marriage. 7 is the highest point given.

  1. Nadi

This is the test to determine the genetic compatibility of the couple. This is to ensure that they can produce healthy children in their marriage. Eight is the highest point.

Selecting a lifetime partner is not a joke. For Hindus, this Vedic astrology is the tool that can help them to select the partner that will be compatible with them for life. This way, they have the assurance that the decision they are making today is not just informed but a wise one as well.

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Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chinese Zodiac is a principle which dates back to over 2,000 years. A zodiac sign based on the lunar cycle, that is believed to conclude the zodiac sign a person is born under. Every zodiac has been given separate set of qualities that contribute mainly towards the character of the person born in it.


The twelve zodiac signs and the basic quality traits they have.

  1. Rat

Rat is known to have a good sense of humor, superb social skills and charm. If you are born under this sign you are very ambitious and take each decision after careful assessment.

  1. Ox

Ox is stubborn, strong-willed, patient as well as introvert. People born under this sign are very dependable and honest.

  1. Tiger

Even if tiger is known to be self-sufficient and big-hearted, those who are born under this zodiac sign are pushy and impulsive. They are born leaders and their features consist of courage, charm and moodiness.

  1. Rabbit

Rabbit is smart and sensitive. They are known to be a bit aloof. People under rabbit sign cannot be provoked easily because they think twice prior to taking an action.

  1. Snake

Snake is mater seducers. Some traits of people under this sign are smart, independence, intuitiveness, lethargy as well as shrewdness. Snakes are known to be insecure and jealous.

  1. Horse

Horse is free-spirited and independent. What is more, horse also exhibit traits like alertness, gregariousness as well as boldness.

  1. Goat

Goat tends to worry so much. They are sensitive, generous and thoughtful. By nature, goat is innovative and creative.

  1. Monkey

Monkey is social, cunning and charismatic. Other traits which people under this sign possess are lack of self-discipline and superb convincing power.

  1. Rooster

Rooster is not just effective; however they are very systematic in the whole thing they do. Other important traits of a rooster include smart, blunt and sincere. They are very loyal and trustworthy.

  1. Dog

Good traits of dog are selfless, honest, kind and hard-working. They are good listeners and very reliable. People born under this sign are adventurous and fun loving.

  1. Pig/Boar

People under this sign are sincere and possess traits like sincere, good principles and very flexible.

  1. Dragon

Dragon is multifaceted, meticulous and confident.

Chinese Zodiac signs are renowned to have a powerful effect on people’s personality, and their relationship with other people. But, they are not only responsible for the way we act, feel or adjust in the society. Through knowing your Chinese zodiac sign you can find a great deal about yourself and your partner. So, it is ideal to consult expert.

Planets and Asteroids in Astrology

The planets in astrology are interpreted as basic life-forces. As it has been stated above, the Earth has concerns with ten heavenly bodies. Those are the major aspects, as those bodies are the biggest and have sufficient influence upon our lives. Nevertheless, there are other bodies that are smaller in their size, but which have great value as well. These are different asteroids, the nodal axis or even the Dark Moon. They all are answerable for definite energies and fulfill definite functions. Their meanings and manifestations must be considered as well. Otherwise, you will never receive the full picture of anybody’s character and faith. Even the smallest thing can change the course of the future.


There are two classes – personal and collective ones.

The personal ones are the Sun and Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury, which are the fastest. They take pretty brief time to accomplish the journey of entire zodiac hierarchy. The maximal period takes a year and 220 days. The quickest travel is made by the Moon(within 28 days only). They affect our lives every day and each has its own powers, energies and consequences. They all differ. Here you can get additional detailed information about astrology planets.

To the collective ones are referred all other planets that move slower. These take from 12 to 249 years to end the full cycle. Notwithstanding, Jupiter and Saturn cannot be called fully collective ones, as they move faster than the others of this group do. Due to prolonged visiting of various signs, their affection concerns one and more generations. Their impact upon the individual characteristics of the identity is of lesser value. They are more “general” planets.

The Sun and Moon are utterly essential in the aspect of individual characteristics and psychology. They give the clearest picture of the native chart and are named Luminaries, inasmuch as they shed more light upon the basic and personal things. In addition, they are the brightest bodies.


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Cancer Man in Love


Cancer A

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Do not expect for the Cancer man to put his soul on the table the first time you meet. He is not the type that confesses to strangers, there might be some things about him that even his best friends don’t know.

It will take time and patience to really get to know him. If you catch him in one of his ugly phases, you might not even want to know him, but don’t give up that easily. He might be superficial and lightheaded, but he is also sensitive and loyal. Unexpectedly that dark frown can turn into a gentle smile. Endless complaints and rude behavior can be gradually replaced by a gentle tone and a playful chuckle, or even an unleashed laughter. When you see him down or sad you should hug him to alleviate his melancholy. You will sometimes see him exercising his sharp intuitive mind and you will be stunned. The cancer man will impress you with his caution and also depress you with his pessimism. He will be so gracious and attentive that you almost expect him to invite you to a minuet.

There is no doubt that he is a romantic dreamer, yet he is so rational and practical at the same time. So what can you do with such a man? Try to understand him. All of these are not profound personality changes, just some moods that will disappear. Both during and in between these phases, the cancer man will remain true to his personality. His nature will never deviate from the base pattern despite his mood swings. Always try to remember that despite acting harsh, his heart is warm, affectionate and sentimental, sometimes making him vulnerable. You will almost give up when he will retreat in silence. But as soon as he gets back to normal you will return to him. Unfortunately, the cancer man is able to ruin everyone’s mood by manifesting an opened discontent, for everyone and anything surrounding him spreading his pessimism. Other times he might be the funnies man alive. Sometimes you will have trouble deciding to turn your back on him or just hold him in your arms. For him is not easy to find a partner wordy of his love, but when it happens he be sentimental and kind, and will shower her with gifts and admiration. However his standards are pretty high because he lives in constant fear of not being loved.

A bad relationship for others means just several weeks of sadness, but for the cancer male in love it spells disaster. If separated from a partner to whom he had become close, he can love her like they were still together, for many years after separation. He won’t jump head-first in the first relationship, but if he realizes that you are the one for him, he will fill the mailbox, sleep on your doormat and fill your voicemail until you say yes. This is the cancer man in loveRelated articles

Star Sign Compatibility

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Everybody in this world is born under a star sign depending on the month and day that they are born. Each star sign has a bunch of characteristics, unique for the people born under it. And as expected not every star sign is compatible with others. Why is that? There are 3 types of signs: Water, Fire and Air.  The water signs are: Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The fire signs are: Aries, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, and the air signs are: Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius. Some of them get along with each other; they’re compatible, while others don’t.

Despite the fact that everyone is unique in its own way people of the same star sign share some of the same characteristics and by reading those characteristics you get an idea about who are you talking to. Astrologist, people that study the movement of the stars and moon, claim that they can predict, basset on the star position’s the moon and the sun, approximately what will happen with the members of the same star sign. These predictions can be made daily, monthly or annually. For some people these kinds of predictions are sacred, they won’t do anything unless the stars tell them. They play lottery numbers based on this kind of predictions, basically they guide they’re entire life based on the interpretation, of the star movement.

The compatibility tests on the other hand, are a little more scientific, based on each individual’s personality plus the star sign general characteristics it gives you the result that you are expecting, someone who has the same characteristics as you.

Astrology was first attested in 2334-2279 in Babylon. And since then it has become more complex and the sign system so bizarre that in the Medieval Time was simplified and brought to this form. Some traces of the ancient zodiacal system are still used in China.

Many people look at the stars in search of guidance and luck amazed by the infinite and astounded by the mechanism that guides it all in perfect harmony. This is why some people try to find answers by connecting the dots in the universe. The fact is that down here on earth we can draw imaginary lines on the sky and get shapes. That is how all the zodiacal signs appeared. But we see it as a plan surface when in fact is limitless in all directions and the stars are millions of light-years away one from the other.

Each zodiacal sign got some characteristics which they share with the person borne in that month. For example if you are a Libra you should be undecided, but fare with principles and some other characteristics. But no one followed a few generations of people born in September to verify if they really are like that. In my opinion that would be an interesting experiment    and some of the astrologists should get some documented facts about their science (astro- stars, Logos-Science) so astrology should be science of the stars.


Capricorn Woman in Love

Capricorn A~

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The Capricorn Woman has order in her feelings. Although passionate, she doesn’t have enough courage to declare her intentions and that is why she needs to be seduced.  Very caution and withdrawn, if she will gain confidence in her partner will change her behavior showing leadership abilities.

When she knows she is loved she is on the 9-th cloud, but she has enough reserves to be down to earth. The nature of her sign determines her to be reserved. She is always ready to be adored and admired but no man will ever “own” her. The Capricorn woman knows what she wants from a man although her man will never know what she is thinking. Some find her distance as tormenting; maybe it’s because she knows how to hide her feelings. She is destined to be the wife of the working man. In reality her behavior hides the fear of love; because she wants to be sure that the one she is with is the one for her.  She needs stability and safety, so the man that she chooses, will feel her true love. She is very faithful, but on the other hand she has the need to be loved and admired and that is why she is distant at first.

She is trying to evaluate her opportunities and risks right from the beginning, before she lets herself seduced. If she makes a mistake in choosing her partner it’s usually a big mistake and will try to get something positive out of it. The Capricorn woman is packed with patience and strength. In the storm of life she is always strong and dependable. Do not ever hurt her in any way because she never forgives, and never forgets. She is forever lonely and independent and will continue to run her own life. When married she will demand financial independence. But on top of all that she is still a woman and appreciate beauty, cleanliness, fashion, makeup and many women will ask for her advice.

Extremely organized, she will try to dominate her man and play according to her agenda that is why week men are very attracted to the Capricorn woman. In general she gets married late, after living her life without becoming a sexual object. Her passion is so profound that she can’t live without love. She is very faithful, always sating loyal to her life partner.  Most of the time she will dedicate herself to charity work, and take her life very seriously being convinced that she can achieve higher goals.

Capricorn woman is very ambitious and almost never happy. She gladly receives advices, although she is a bit stubborn, and uses all the information she receives. Sometimes less talented people will try to steal her rightful place, but that would be for a short period of time because her patience is very limited. The Capricorn woman will try to control every aspect of your life, but everything she will do is in your best interest.

Capricorn women and children

Bosnia-2004-Capricorn Stamp

Bosnia-2004-Capricorn Stamp (Photo credit: zeevveez)

Understanding the characteristic of the Capricorn woman and children is very helpful to have a harmonious relationship with them. Just like any other people under a particular zodiac sign, those born under the Capricorn have specific characteristics that we need to deal with and be aware of.

Capricorn woman and children have characteristics that are distinct to them. In general, as what others may notice, those under the Capricorn zodiac sign may have slender bodies. Capricorn women are also smart and attractive.

On the mental side, Capricorn woman and children have a sharp memory and are more analytic compared to other signs. They have the tendency to think first and analyze well. Often times, women under this sign may delay their actions until they have completely thought about the outcome or consequences.

People should also be careful in dealing with women and children born under the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn people are of the quiet type. They do not talk that much and tend to just smile when people greet them instead of being a social butterfly. Women under Capricorn are also highly organized. They are keen to details and have a patient nature.

Although these people under the Capricorn and gentle in nature, they tend to become selfish at times. Some may be more inclined to this negative attitude or character of a Capricorn which is why it is with utmost importance to be carefully acquainted or know well the people under this sign.

When it comes to health, Capricorn woman and children needs to be very cautious as they may tend to get serious health problems. More often than not, Capricorn people may encounter skin diseases and some bone issues that need to be taken care of right away.

People born under the different zodiac signs also have different characters. This is why we need to be very careful in dealing with them. We need to know first what are the main characteristic of a person are and those under his or her zodiac sign. Once we are able to identify these, it will be easier for us to get in touch with them and make communication with them smooth flowing.

Whether you are a Capricorn or not, be sure to pay respect and treat others well. You never know what your interaction with them will bring but at least, you will not earn yourself an enemy in the long run.

Dating a Cancer Man

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Born from 20th June to 23rd July, Cancer is zodiac of sixth number. Going through the personality traits before dating a Cancer man, is of utmost value. Not for only Caner but also for the other zodiacs, it’s good to take a look on the characteristics before starting a relation with them.

Caner encircles very strongly the sense of responsibility and emotional security. Besides the fact that they are intelligent, they have a strong element of animus in their personality. Moon ruling them, is a very strong reason of their emotional sensitivity. Cancer love hearth and home. Cancer people are loyal, artistic and highly possessive people. They live in the dream lands and can be easily hurt.

Their imaginative aspect of personality sometimes so strong that they turn their face from realities of life. This profile of the Cancer throws light that it is not challenging to get attention while dating a cancer man for a lady having a bit artistic taste and fanciful concept of life. Dating site and the dramatic atmosphere of the site is very much important in order to impress a cancer man.

A bone fire in the lawn of a house along good served food while listening family stories, walking on the bank of a river in the moon light, midnight picnic, walk in the night in a lonely street, a house on the beach having clear view of shore hugging waves in day and night, are a few site that can have their very strong first impression on dating a Cancer man. As the people from the circle of Cancer zodiac are highly sensitive and can be easily hurt, therefore, while dating a cancer man, one should be very careful in selection of words.

Think before you speak, otherwise it may hurt your relation in the very first step. Due to the fact that Cancer people are emotionally de-stable, a guarantee to remain loyal and standing by his side promise can do the wonder in building up a relation with them. Cancer people have a lot of love for building up a home and domestic pleasure, therefore, girls who are intended to build up a family can make a good couple and impress on dating a cancer man. So if you want to have your Cancer man for keeps, give him a peaceful and comfortable home to come back to. Let him have his space but also be there for him when he needs you.

Dating a Capricorn Woman

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Born from 21st December to 20th January, Capricorn is zodiac of tenth number. Going through the personality traits before dating a Capricorn woman, is of utmost value. Not for only Capricorn but also for the other zodiacs, it’s good to take a look on the characteristics before starting a relation with them. Capricorn encircles very strongly the sense of responsibility and industry.

They are hard working, career oriented, and very good in the affairs of business. Professional status and position are also very important for the Capricorn and look for the same in their partner. Capricorn people also have also have a lot of sense of competition embed in them and losing a competition is something that a Capricorn don’t like even when defeated by a person, they are in a very friendly relationship with.

People from Capricorn also have profound love for moral and ethics. They give a lot of weight age to social folkways and mores. This profile of the people of the Capricorn, high lights that one should be very careful in selecting the place for dating a Capricorn girlfriend. Dating sights that can provoke intellectual activity are likely to be perfect for dating a Capricorn woman.

These sites may include golf clubs, opera, a fancy restaurant, or an art show. After the site selection, while dating a Capricorn woman, one should try one’s level best to restrict oneself in discussion of the topic that a Capricorn woman may love. These topics of discussion may include conversation about their professional interests, and their aims and goals of life.

The best way to strike in dating a Capricorn woman is to appeal her ambitious side. In order to have a good impression, it is also good to bring forth your own achievements but not in a sense that may hurt the sense of honor of Capricorn girlfriend. Capricorn women are so much emotionally controlled and because of their businesslike approach, it is not possible to impress them with bouquets and picnics in moonlights on the river banks.

Appearance matter a lot for Capricorn women, as they are strongly attached with material success. It is because of the reason that they are conservative at their heart; physical relationship in the early stages may not be encouraged in dating a Capricorn women. Capricorn woman like committed relationship and they may prove very good life partners in the long run.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

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Since the time yore, astrologists have been working to check the zodiac sign compatibility among them. Different astrologists have put forward their view point’s regarding the compatibility with slight differences and people around the world believe one or the other. Efforts have also been made to bring close people with incompatible zodiac characteristics. This has done by exploring the similarities between different zodiacs.

Zodiac sign compatibility may throw light that a Scorpio woman may have or have not compatibility withTarus man in number of ways and, more or less then, Taurus woman with a Scorpio man. It is zodiac sign compatibility that tells us that two individuals from Pisces and Sagittarius may ignite themselves while they are in the bed, however, both may not have a relation that can last longer. A Pisces may find him/her completely opposite in nature to that of Sagittarius.

Pisces is romantic, sensitive, and emotionally high demanding. Whereas, a Sagittarius has a sharp tongue, and don’t like boundaries. This issue of compatibility may not prevail in the case of Pisces Aquarius. Pisces may also a very good combination with a strong, authoritative Taurus because a strong Taurus can provide sense of security to emotional Pisces. Zodiac Sign Compatibility also throws light on the fact that the people from same zodiac may also not compatibility with each other.

An Aries-Aries conflict in order to dominate in day to day and bed affairs can be quoted as a good instance for this. Both of them want to be the leader and are not ready to sacrifice their ego for the sake of others. This atmosphere of no compromise creates the conflicts and confrontations between them, and thus, the element of compatibility finds no ground here. Zodiac sign compatibility mainly focuses on the characteristics that a zodiac c have, and then comparing it with the traits of the other zodiac.

In this act of finding combination, astrologists, at first, explores the traits of the zodiacs. Leo, for instance, is generous, open hearted, strong, dominant, and authoritative. On the other hand, a Cancer is cautious, loves hearth and home, and is emotionally de-stable. Therefore, a focused study of both tells one the level of compatibility of the individuals. A strong Leo has the every ability to stabilize the insecure and moody Cancer. Leo creates a sense of reliance for the Cancer and the compatibility graph may go so high to help both it tie them in a very successful and happy relationship.

Paula Abdul Star Sign

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Yоu muѕt hаve sееn sevеral astrologers making a number оf predictions everyday. Wеll, іt iѕ becomіng а common practice thеse days. Sun signs аrе important aspects оf astrology аnd horoscope. Therе 12 sun signs іn total. Out оf theѕе twelve sun signs, Paula Abdul star sign reаlly stands tall due tо іtѕ vibrant characteristics. Lеt uѕ now discuss sоmе of thе common traits of Paula Abdul star sign. Paula Abdul star sign individuals аre signified bу thе logo Twins, which stands fоr the rеally mysterious superiority оf these people twо change thеіr personality. Suсh people аrе born bеtween thе dates Mаy 21 and June 21.
Yоu wоuld bе quіtе amazed tо know thаt theѕе dual-minded individuals are rеаllу tough to strap dоwn. But if you reаllу work hard thеn уou саn find a gem оf a person іn Paula Abdul star sign’s. Paula Abdul star sign’s arе inquisitive, chatty, adaptable аnd spiritually energetic. Thеir subconscious mind cаn recoil іn vаrіоuѕ topics аt a single point іn time. Theу аrе rеallу fun to be wіth. Hоwеver, thеу might fake it somеtimеѕ. Sо, уоu need to understand and observe them vеry carefully.
If уou talk аbоut thе strength of Paula Abdul star sign individuals thеn their curiosity tо knоw eaсh and еvеrуthing is theіr major strength. In suсh a curious state, thеy cаn dо wonders wіth thеir professional life. But ѕometimеѕ, theу divert themselvеѕ frоm аn important object. Thiѕ can сеrtаіnlу lead tо thеіr downfall. If уоu want tо gеt married to а Paula Abdul star sign thеn it саn be a good option but оnlу if уou find a nice one. For thіs purpose, уou саn observe thеіr mannerisms and wаy of speaking.
Nоw, we аre gоіng to talk аbоut thе compatibility of Paula Abdul star sign’s with dіffеrеnt sun signs.

Thiѕ relationship might nоt be successful аѕ Paula Abdul star sign’s won’t аllоw Aries to dominate theіr love relationship.

Bоth оf thеsе sun signs аrе quіte diffеrent. Paula Abdul star sign requires constant stimulation in a relationship.

Paula Abdul star sign
Suсh people соuld reаlly fall in love wіth eaсh оthеr due to thеir similar interests.

Wеll, according tо mе thіs іѕ dеfinitеly not a good match in аny case. Thеу arе poles аpаrt.

Leos and Paula Abdul star sign’s сan bе а good pair fоr each оther. Theу аrе excellent іn socializing wіth people.

Yоu would bе quitе amazed to knоw thаt thіѕ іѕ а perfect match. Thеу bоth love tо travel alоng and entertain people.

Bоth are an ideal match fоr еасh othеr due to thеіr similar nature.

Theу сan be а good match for each оthеr.

However, а lot depends uроn theіr individual approaches.

Beѕіdеѕ, all these sun signs Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces mіght nоt bе а good match for Paula Abdul star sign’s. So, thіѕ waѕ all аbout Paula Abdul star sign horoscope.

Capricorn woman

Bracken House - London

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Astrological sign are use to indicate the compatibility between family, friend and lovers. Each person’s astrological signs are compared and that will show the behavior and personality and also show which part in their personality can hinder their relationship in the future. The art of astronomy is complicated and amazing too. Some people have a firm believe in these while most of the people don’t consider those sign. In most of the cases every astrologer has his own theory about astronomy and some time those theories are opposite to each other. Capricorn is the tenth sign in Zodiac and this astrological sign is under the control of Saturn and people born when sun is under this sign are called as Capricorns. Sun remain in this region from January 15 to February 14. The symbol of Capricorn is Sea goat with a fish tail. Some time terrestrial goat is also used to exhibit that astrological sign. The reason for this sign is not known to mankind. But this symbol was in use from the Babylonian times.

Our main area of concern in this article is the qualities of a Capricorn woman. Capricorn woman is quite intellectual and focused to the job in hand. They have their goals defined in their early years and they will try their level best to achieve their goals. Capricorn woman is brave and daring and not afraid of any thing. They have a deep sight at the matter and if they are in a business they will investigate all things deeply and if you are in love with a Capricorn woman you have to win her trust first. They have strong emotion. They are quite moody too. Sometime they will like a quite atmosphere and sometime they would like to have a lightening atmosphere. If you want to attract Capricorn woman you have to treat her politely and gently and you should always in control of yourself. This woman loves man who is interested so show some interest.

It’s actually very difficult to know a Capricorn woman because she can be a babe on the sea shore and she can also be a scientist in the lab. She will also look for respect, position; security and authority. They always have ambition and want to achieve those ambitions like the goat wanting to go to the top of the mountain. Capricorn woman always have a strong emphasize on etiquettes and there is always something fresh about Capricorn woman. She has a great love for her family so be careful if you are in a relationship with a Capricorn woman you shouldn’t criticize her family. You will notice that their home will always be clean and one thing important about them is that they are very realistic.

Cancer man and Capricorn woman compatibility

Krysti's new tat

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An example of Cancer man and Capricorn woman compatibility:

Patrick checked his watch. He was having some of the art from his gallery hung in the suite of rooms he had reserved for tonight. He didn’t want  to call the foreman again, but he was getting anxious – the table on the balcony still needed to be set! The hotel was providing the centerpiece and candles, as well as scheduling a chef to cater to their needs for dinner. He’d never spent this much money on a single date in his life, but Marlene was worth it.

He was slightly worried about that … she was SO practical, would she not care for such an extravagant night? He’d been working on showing Marlene just how special and beautiful she was. She didn’t ask for romantic gestures, but her smile when he surprised her made his heart swell. He wanted to spend the rest of his life making her smile.

He thought back to the first time they met, at an art fundraiser for pediatric cancer research. Her elegant dress with its simple lines, with just the right amount of accent jewelry, made her stand out against all the gaudier women in attendance. The up-sweep of her hair framed her face perfectly. She looked so confident that he wasn’t sure she’d talk to him – but she seemed so amazing, he couldn’t help but try.

She was in front of one of his favorite pieces, so he said hello and started going on about the artist and his work. She seemed rather cool and aloof, but as he continued to pour on the charm, she started looking sort of amused. This surprised him, women had usually melted by now! He was
determined, and fascinated by her strong character, so he stopped talking and asked her what she thought. To his surprise and delight, she was far more knowledgeable and witty than he expected. Certainly moreso than most of the beautiful women he met at these events, most looking to catch a rich husband.

As a matter of fact, he started to worry that she might even be smarter than he was! He didn’t like to admit his insecurities, but all the same he found himself telling her, a bit defensively, that he was the owner of the gallery they were standing in. Was that a flash in her eye? She didn’t seem to be the type to be impressed by money, but he didn’t care; whatever made her look at him like that was a good thing, in his book. She was FAR more clever and subtle at working into the conversation that she was on the board of the charity that the fundraiser was for. If his friends had ever asked him for a list of what he looked for in a woman, the words “a generous heart” probably wouldn’t be on it; however, the
thought of such a busy career woman taking the time to help sick little kids made his own heart melt like butter.

Patrick’s phone chimed, the foreman had texted him to let him know that the art and temporary lighting was all in place. He hurried to the manager’s office to let him know that they could start setting up the table for dinner.

Marlene sat at her desk, collecting her thoughts and massaging her temples. She loved her job at the bank, but it was a lot harder work than people thought! There had been a lot of meetings lately while the company bought a smaller, floundering bank. She was so engrossed in the contract-writing that she nearly forgot to eat lunch. Patrick’s text about dinner tonight reminded her of food before she got a hunger-headache. It was almost like he knew what her needs were before she did!

She smiled, thinking about the phrase “opposites attract”, and how true it was for them. He was very out-going and charming, while she was quieter and more reserved. He was very obvious with his emotions, while she was more reserved. But there was so much they had in common as well – intelligence, a love of the arts, mutual respect, financial responsibility – it was really amazing, in a way.

The opposites worked for them far more in their emotional life. They hadn’t been intimate yet, but they fulfilled each others needs perfectly. He was sensitive and comforting. Marlene wasn’t the best at telling someone she had needs – but with Patrick she didn’t need to. Even something seemingly minor like a mid-day phone call just to say “hi” and “how are you” could turn a challenging day into a much brighter, cheery one.

Packing up her papers for the day, she was also reminiscing about the day that they met. As much as she loved raising money for medical research, the chatty cocktail parties and such usually got on her nerves. She hated spending money on catering that could go toward a cure. The other board members assured her that the checks they collected at these events outweighed the expense, though, and were their biggest fund-raising events by far.

Fortunately Marlene didn’t get cornered by too many of the more annoying contributors, wanting her to know just how awesome they were for giving away so much of their money. It was so nice that they did, but she would MUCH rather be doing something more constructive. The venue was beautiful, though, and the art was definitely to her taste. No weird abstracts or anything; some solid and gorgeous pieces by new artists who were classically trained, but still making it all their own. She was gazing at one particularly fascinating painting when an equally gorgeous, well tailored man came up and started talking to her.

She knew exactly how to excuse herself from boring conversations, but he was charming and witty, and very knowledgeable about art. Well, at least this particular piece – she felt as if she could pass an exam on it now! The thought made her smile, which made him hesitate a bit. What was that all about? He looked briefly worried, then changed the subject to the gallery in general, trying to work in the fact that he was the owner very casually. He wasn’t as successful at it as he probably hoped, but the crack in the smooth “come-on” facade made him more attractive, in some way. She was also surprised, he looked too young to own a gallery at all, let alone a successful one. Could a man be handsome, talented, smart and creative? It sounded too good to be true, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out more about him.

And get to know him, she did. When it looked like he was going to end the night without asking her out, she took the plunge and asked him to dinner the following night. He had a private function he was hosting, but asked her if she was free the next week. Her meetings tended to be during the day, so she was.

As witty and charming as he is, she found out that he also had the most amazing mood swings. On their third date, she got a text to call the office; they had just got the word on buying the smaller bank, and had to arrange the meeting for the next day. She excused herself to the lobby to take it, not wanting to be rude by talking business at the table, on the phone where he wouldn’t be a part of it. She couldn’t have been gone for more than ten minutes, but when she got back, he looked upset. And was … pouting? A grown man? At first that pissed her off a little, but she bit back her sharp retort and apologized for having to take the call, and explained why it was important. As soon as she said “sorry”,
his feathers seemed to un-ruffle, and he was as sweet and romantic as always.

On another date, he was talking about being frustrated by some of the business aspects of the gallery. He wasn’t asking for help, just going on about his day, but business was her forte, and she mentioned a few things that had worked for some of her clients. He looked amazed and impressed, and she nearly looked around to see who he was being amazed by! Something that was an off-hand comment to her turned out to be a godsend for him.
Just one more way they fit together like the symbol of the Tao.

She was on her way! Patrick didn’t think he could smile any wider, but he thought that his face was going to crack. He couldn’t wait to tell her how much more profit his gallery was making, due to her suggestions. Sometimes she seemed so insecure and unsure of herself, she didn’t realize just how incredible she was. Or beautiful – sometimes they met for lunch, and even in her practical business suits, she was the picture of gentle femininity and charm. Luckily he warned her that he had a special night planned (just not what), she’d never forgive him if he didn’t give her the opportunity to change into something appropriate!

He surveyed the suite. He didn’t go for ideas that were too corny, no rose petals scattered everywhere, or other ideas that you could get on the internet. The rooms of the suite itself were elegant but simple, neutral cream tones with deep burgundy accents on the walls and furniture. The artwork he had had hung were splashes of color adding just enough warmth, and he had brought a few personal items from home to make the place seem more like an apartment, and not a sterile hotel.

He was wearing the same suit he had worn the night that they met, with a tie and pocket corner that matched the room accents. The table had a matching tablecloth, and the hotel had procured a centerpiece that was stunning, but small enough for an intimate dinner. He tried not to keep obsessively checking the details; he had already been down to the kitchen to check out the food and be introduced to the server that would be assigned to them for as long as they needed him. It turns out that it was a polite, professional waiter that had served him before, so Patrick knew that he didn’t have to worry on that account.  Everything seemed perfect. He hoped she wasn’t too tired; she worked so hard, he worried about her sometimes.

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Magic spells

There are various kinds of magic spells and the good thing is that most of these are easy magic spells that really work. One of these are Enchanting spells. You can say these are some sort of mild love spells which are cast to make yourself enchanted or attracted to others. One of them is love spell in New Moon.

To do the spell, you would need silk (3 strands), your hair, red wine, red pitcher, olive oil, red thread, red pen, onion peel and matches. It is one of those magic spells that work instantly and must be cast on a Friday New Moon night. You would have to weave silk and hair together and while weaving chant the spell. It would be about weaving your fate with your crush’s fate. Now, roll everything into a nice ball & hold it in between the palms to warm it up with your body heat. Straighten onion peel on a table & write his name with red marker. Then, draw a heart around it. Next, wrap your ball husks & tie it up with red thread. Then, attach it right to that heart drawn. Now, burn the entire bundle and while doing so keep on thinking about your crush. As you get the ashes, collect them in your jar. Pour some olive oil & place it under the bed. At Full Moon, dip your left thumb into the oil & grease the glass edge with it. Pour in red wine & serve the whole thing to him with love.

The Jupiter-Saturn Square: Crushed Black

If you’ve ever watched a dimly lit scene in a movie on a DVD or Blu-ray or on your computer, and a scene that is supposed to be set in the dark is just a murky featureless black expanse, you’ve experienced what video geeks call “crushed black.” It’s usually caused when the people transferring the film to video format decided to do some color correction to make the colors pop more. The problem is that the same technique, misapplied, can make the details in the dark diminish or vanish entirely.

That’s a little like what the current Jupiter-Saturn Square is doing to a lot of us.


Before the discovery of the “modern planets” and their inclusion into astrology, Jupiter and Saturn represented the outer limits of our knowledge, both astronomically and astrologically. Whenever those two planets come to contact by aspect, it is often a time of moral decision. The trine and sextile are easier aspects, but the square is a difficult one. The Jupiter-Saturn square can represent a crisis of confidence, a lack of direction, or lack of moral fortitude. A lot of us are facing that of late, and some of us will be facing this more than others. For those of you who have your Sun, Moon, or other important placements between 16-22° of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), you’re likely feeling it especially strongly.

There are also certain specific age groups that are getting the Jupiter-Saturn pinch of late:

October 1947-March 1948 or July-September 1948 or December 1954-May 1955 or October-December 1955 or March-September 1963 or December 1963-January 1964 or June 1970-April 1971 or November-December 1976 or July-September 1977 or October 1984-January 1985 or May-October 1985 or January-March 1993: Your natal Saturn is being affected. The structures you’ve built around yourself are getting a shaking, and that can be pretty unsettling. Stay the course, but make sure you know which things you need to keep in your life and which should be thrown overboard.

May 1938-May 1940 or July 1959-June 1961 or January-April 1978 or October 1978-December 1979 or May-October 1980 or March 1999-February 2001: Your natal Uranus is undergoing a challenge. Who you are as a distinct individual and how you contribute your uniqueness to the world is getting pushed around. The big challenge here is to learn where, when and how to push back.

December 1962-November 1967: This transit is affecting your natal Neptune. No matter how well everything else is going, it can feel like your dreams are being neglected or stomped, or you just might feel like escaping. Escape can be good… but to where, and how? Don’t give up — think your way through it.

August 1948-October 1954 or January 1989-October 1993: Your natal Pluto is under pressure. In some ways you might feel like caving in or blowing up. The trick here is to learn how to make your mark on life without making that mark a bomb crater.

In some ways this will all come to a peak in the first part of December, when Jupiter stations at 22° Leo and goes retrograde, but for the most part the worst of it will be over by late November. If your placements are later in the Fixed Signs, the difficulties will reach their peak later in November or December.

So: if you are experiencing the more negative effects of this transit, it will pass — but be careful not to focus too much on the brightly-lit parts as a distraction. At any given time, you are likely to be having some good and some bad transits, and you might be tempted to ignore some of the things moving quietly in the shadows of your life . You might miss a lot of the beauty that can come from contemplating those moments of surprisingly-detailed darkness.

Written by: Matthew Currie
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Jenna Astrologer Scam

This is a horoscope originally authored by Chr...

This is a horoscope originally authored by Chris Brennan on en.wikipedia. The original was in raster format; this version I (Lucis) vectorized in Inkscape using its autotrace tool. The horoscope itself was drawn for the inception of the WikiProject Astrology on English Wikipedia: June 10, 2006 at 1:00 PM in Cumberland, Maryland, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences that have revived to this day. Based on the solid foundation of astronomy, the subject is often capable of inducing a significant level of curiosity in the ordinary mind. Throughout the human history, people have honored astrology and adapted it in their own lives, often with satisfactory results. Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet and the emergence of a money-oriented world of competition and deception, online astrologers like Jenna have started exploiting innocent people for making some quick cash. Still, a surprisingly large number of people are becoming victims of such fraudulent activities every day.

In reality, there’s no such person as Jenna. ‘She’ is probably an evil computer program dedicated to strip people of their money. One’s venture with Jenna starts in quite an ordinary way, often through her official website AboutAstro. Within 48 hours of submitting your personal information, you’ll receive “a long personal text” via e-mail, which contains nothing personal in reality, except for what you already provided. If you’re interested to learn more, now it’s time to start paying handsomely. From that point onwards, the journey will continue as if Jenna were just another fake online astrologer.

Even if you choose not to pay for Jenna’s predictions, her ‘friendliness’ doesn’t die away. You’ll continue receiving persuasive e-mails urging you to peek at your fortune, suggesting the onset of some major events in the near future. In some cases, clients of Jenna have received ‘reiki grids’ which are said to be capable of manipulating fields of positive energy to bring fortune and happiness to your life. Her e-mails are rich in friendly approaches and convincing jargon. However, comparison of e-mails sent to two different people will reveal some striking similarities, no matter how unique their horoscopes may be. In the meantime, Jenna may also provide her clients with e-books on some interesting topics like developing clairvoyance on one’s own and guiding one’s spiritual life with a pendulum.

Needless to say, it’s not worth paying attention to such meaningless rubbish. Regardless of whether true astrology is genuine or not, your intelligence and common sense will certainly warn you of approaching danger once you start receiving Jenna’s newsletter. Many of her clients—or ‘victims’, in another sense—will testify to the fact that she is just another example for computerized scam. Astrology experts have also found numerous inconsistencies in her predictions such as certain planets taking up particular positions ‘for several years’, whereas planets actually remain in motion across the zodiac all the time. Besides, it’s highly improbable that mere constructions like reiki grids can at least produce a magnetic field or energy flow, let alone determine your fate or bring you good fortune.

You can find more shocking, and perhaps interesting, details about Jenna astrologer scam through various online sources. Fortifying the general public with this type of awareness is the most effective way to defend such fraudulent activities, putting an end to all sorts of scammers trying to engulf the assets of their fellow citizens.

Pasqualina Astrologer Scam

A horoscope calculated for January 1, 2000 at ...

A horoscope calculated for January 1, 2000 at 12:01:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time in New York City, New York, USA (Longitude: 074W00’23” – Latitude: 40N42’51”). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world has never been short of scams and frauds, and probably never would be. Deception and exploitation can play havoc with your valuable money and invaluable time, in exchange of false hopes which won’t take long to shatter. With the amazing flexibility and anonymity offered by online marketing, today we can find hundreds of fake astrologers and fortune-tellers in the cyberspace trying to live off your hard-earned money. Many claim that the famous online astrologer Pasqualina is also such a fraud, and their claims are backed up by undeniable evidence as concrete proof against her.

Despite having its roots in a highly systematic form of predictions based on astronomical observations, astrology has degraded to a considerable degree during recent times. Historical records show that astrology has been used to make surprisingly accurate predictions at times, both in the west and in the east. Although it’s hard to testify the validity of such reports, anybody with some common sense can understand the fraud going on with Pasqualina, who nevertheless tries to convince people through her philosophical sayings such as “We have to admit that the irrational world is fantastic, magic and inspiring”.

“Pasqualina”, meaning “Easter’s child”, is the name taken by a fake astrologer from France. While some say that a man is running the website, others believe that Pasqualina is nothing other than a computer programmed for deceiving innocent people. The second concept is more probable, as far as the e-mails sent out by Pasqualina are taken into consideration. Generally, Pasqualina starts by providing you with a personal report of your ‘upcoming fortune’ for about $10. Despite being about 17 pages in length, it doesn’t include any specific details about you. Subsequently you have to submit your own horoscope, along with other details such as your favorite color and zodiac sign, in exchange of a confirmation number.

In the hope of learning more about your fortune, you have to keep on paying increasing sums of money, in exchange of just more and more junk mail. Sometimes Pasqualina may charge exceptionally large amounts for a special “Occult Magical Power Ritual” to heed off the omens covering your fortune. Victims who compared the e-mails they received have found that they are almost identical, except for minor changes in the wording. They are all based on the same sort of rubbish: lottery winnings, instant fortunes and the need to rid yourself of ‘negative vibrations’ against your fortune. The only significance of Pasqualina is that her rates are much lower than those charged by others of her type.
The human mind is naturally inclined to believe in fortune and other concepts beyond its perception. However, you should be intelligent enough to safeguard yourself from obvious scams as Pasqualina astrologer. Although it’s quite difficult to take legal action against these types of online frauds, they can be easily defeated by raising awareness against them in the online community. Many helpful review sites and blogs have already undertaken the job, which can tell you much more about the Pasqualina astrologer scam.

Astrology reading

astrologyAstrology reading, gain insight into the patterns and directions your life takes

Astrology is a unique way to make connections between events in time. Everything is connected to everything and everything is in relation to everything.

A psychic astrology reading is a method in which the reader makes observations about the person using his intuition.

The observations are more then just emotional and ratioanl layers which contain only limited truth. To read the energy there are several methods. A well-known method is  an aura or chakra reading. The psychic is able to translate the symbols and get the essence of that time.  Long distance readings are also a possibilty, psychics are usuallt very sensitive to energy.

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